What is this website for?

If you are not familiar with the Perl programming language this website probably is of no help for you. If you are a programmer and Perl does not scare you (btw: why should it?) this website might be of interest. You can download any module documentation available on MetaCPAN, reformatted for the most popular ebook readers. You can also get the tutorials from perltuts.com for your reader.

How did you do that?

The following modules were crucial for this project:

  • Mojolicious - Real-time web framework.
    Used for every interaction with the user.
  • MetaCPAN::API - A comprehensive, DWIM-featured API to MetaCPAN.
    Does all the communication with MetaCPAN.
  • EPublisher - Publish documents in new format
    Used to transform POD into EBooks.
  • EBook::MOBI - Create an eBook in the MOBI format - out of POD formatted content.
    Library to create EBooks in the MOBI format, which is sadly not open but wide spread among users.
  • ... and many more from the CPAN.

For more details, check the code on github.

I found a bug!

If you have problems, please check the roadmap to see if a future feature already covers your topic. If this is not the case, please check the issues and open a new one if your bug is not already listed there.
Thanks a lot!

When you file a bug, please add these info to your description:

  • Mojolicious: 3.95
  • EPublisher: 0.7
  • EPublisher::Source::Plugin::MetaCPAN: 0.23
  • EPublisher::Source::Plugin::PerltutsCom: 0.4
  • EPublisher::Target::Plugin::EPub: 0.4
  • EPublisher::Target::Plugin::Mobi: 0.4
  • MetaCPAN::API: 0.42
  • EBook::MOBI: 0.65
  • EBook::EPUB: 0.6

Who contributed?

This is why we love Open Source: People we might know or not help us to improve this service. A big thanks to them!

  • rolpereira
  • stelim

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